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Moshiach Office

Pre-Experience Synthesis Program Package

Pre-Experience Synthesis Program Package

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The Program Package includes everything you need to run an experiential program for your Hakhel event. The theme for this Hakhel program is: "Synthesis: Body and Soul" - based on a “Moshiach Mindset” segment of the famous Tut Altz project by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. 

What’s included: 

  • Program Guide. A guide explaining how the program is designed to run to make it easy for you to prepare your own Hakhel!
  • Discussion Prompters. Prompters to discuss conventional perspectives in line with the theme of the program. 
  • MC Step by Step Guide. Detailed instructions for how to run the program with a suggested script for the MC.
  • Menu Plan and Buffet Decor Tips. A themed menu plan and creative buffet decor ideas. 
  • Amazon Cart. Shopping made simple with your Amazon shopping cart for this event. 
  • Audio Learning Summary. Prepare for your event on the go by listening to an audio recording of the core knowledge of the program explored in the Learning Handouts. 
  • 10 Participant Packages including:
    • Core Knowledge Learning Handout. A written lesson based on the teachings of the Rebbe exploring the Moshiach perspective on the topic of Synthesis and making it relevant to day to day life. 
    • Moshiach Mindset Journal. A journal for participants to record their learning experience. 
    • Gift for Participants. Tut Altz Women  measuring spoon. 
  • Customizable Program Schedule. Fill in the times of your preference into a pre-made Canva Template and you are all set with a program schedule for your event!
  • Customizable Invitation. Fill in your unique event details into a pre-made Canva Template and spread the word about your event via social media - or print it out and distribute it around. 
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