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Festival of the Future Shul/Chabad House Program (5784)

Festival of the Future Shul/Chabad House Program (5784)

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Choose number of Moshiach Seudah Handouts to be included in your package. Each participant will need a Handout. [First 10 included in package (standard rate: $65) | Additional $10/5pc. | Incremental tiered rates (6%-40% discounts) for bulk purchases]

The Festival of the Future Shul Program is a full 50-60 minute inspirational and educational journey of story and song with a focused theme for the Moshiach Seudah. The program can be used in any group setting (not limited to shuls).Please Note: Physical Hard Copies will be sent to you directly. You will also receive access to our Digital Portal for Marketing resources.


What’s included in the standard package:

Moshiach Seudah Handbook. Includes:

  • Comprehensive Moshiach Seudah Content Guide for the shliach or leader
  • Rabbi’s Yizkor/Moshiach Sermon
  • Resource lists
  • Links to marketing materials

Participant Handouts:
These handouts will take the participants on a journey through story and song, sprinkled with kabbalistic insights and life lessons. (The full content of the journey is in the Leader’s Handbook, this beautifully aesthetic art-based Handout will keep everyone on the same page.)
Participant Hachlatah Cards:
Turn inspiration into tangible action with these handout cards for participants to use.
Full Digital PR and Advertisement Library:
From Facebook covers to Email templates, Festival of the Future has you covered with a full line of customizable advertising materials ready to customize, print, or share.
Full Peace by Peace Theme Paper:
For more in-depth study on the theme, make use of this full length learning-essay on the topic of Messianic World Peace. Tip: Use for a sit-down shiur in the morning or afternoon leading up to the Moshiach Seudah, or for your shvii shel pesach learning.

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