Collection: Festival of the Future

Most Jewish festivals commemorate a past event coupled with an effort to learn lessons for the present. The eighth day of Passover is different. On this date, we celebrate the ultimate, future Redemption by Moshiach , with an effort to live presently with a future-focus.
The highlight of this festival is the traditional ‘Moshiach Seudah’ held in the evening at the conclusion of Pesach. This unique feast is dedicated to leaning into the message of our future freedom from the limitations of Exile, transforming it into a mindset for the year ahead.
Festival of the Future is the annual "Moshiach Day" when synagogues, families and Jewish groups worldwide celebrate a forward-facing historic, nearly-complete mission. Through educational programs, inspirational messages, and engaging activities, we are inspired by the vision of a future messianic era and its effect on the here and now.